Recap of session 11/6

The investigation closes.

Last time, the group finally answered all of the questions regarding Nilasa’s death. She managed to sneak in using illegal goods purchased from Waryeye’s Apothacary. She was there to steal Danor secrets, focusing on those involving factories. She was motivated to do this by Gale herself, due to her hearing contruction and factory noises in the Bleak Gate. Answering all of these questions however, turned up many new ones.

It seems Nilasa was busy on more than one front for Gale. She was also organizing a shipment of wands to be delievered to Gale and a new faction, the mysterious Family. The party was able to stop and break up the group, and recovered the wands. This sparked a visit from the Family leader, Morgan Cippiano who wants to befriend the group for the greater good of Flint, assuming the party helps them from time to time. As a show of good will, they offered any assistance to the group (Granting a ranking of 2 with the Family) and will use their connections to help catch Albert Eccelson, the carriage driver that has been delievering messages to the lizardman arsons, but staying elusive.

The group also recovered the documents from Wolfgang a few days earlier, and found out much disturbing information. The RHC accountants are hard at work tracking down the money exchanges and purchases of the burned down factories, and are growing closer to the answers every day.

All of that will have to be placed on hold, as Nevard will be speaking today, promising to reveal a truth that is needed to be heard. Delft, your boss wishes for you to go to the event to help provide some protection, as the regular police grows ever more at odds with the Dockers.


Cidwin CaducityX

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