Alianora Quell

"Can I quote you on that?"


Alianora is a member of the fledgling press industry in Flint with a regular column, “Quell’s Quotes”, appearing in several broadsheets that are distributed throughout the city of Flint. Her sharp memory and keen instinct for social situations have worked to her advantage, helping her to make connections and intuitive leaps of logic that were only proven true after the fact.

Initially pigeonholed into writing puff pieces on social events, weddings, and formal galas, she has begun to venture into more serious investigative journalism. Some months ago she caught the eye of Solomon Foster of the RHC, and gained exclusive access to him to publish semi-anonymized accounts of the events on (Axis) Island.

Her stories have been getting more attention, and not just from people who follow social news. Recently she was arrested and detained on charges of Fearmongering and Disturbing the Peace, after questioning the official account of Mayor Reed MacBannn’s arrest and death. Far from dissuading her, this has only served to strengthen her convictions that something is rotten in the city of Flint, and hardened her resolve to get to the bottom of it.


Alianora Quell

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