Celeste Durand


A strikingly attractive young woman, Celeste is the proprietor of the “One Man’s Junk” pawn shop located in the Parity Lake district of Flint. Gifted with the uncanny knack for acquiring rare and often sought treasures, her shop is filled a number of curious trinkets that seem out of place in such a rough neighborhood.

The sole employee, many have wondered how she manages to run a shop in one of the most dangerous districts of Flint. Rumor has it that she serves as a fence for a number of the local thieves and is, therefore, afforded a degree of protection from her associations.

Curiously, however, neither the RHC nor the local constabulary have managed to find any evidence of illegal activity taking place in her shop. In fact, some have wondered how she manages to turn a profit given her apparent lack of business.


Celeste Durand

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