Dragor Giantslayer


Dragor is a large minotaur from Ber. He was a mercenary in the last war between Risur and Danor. He was put in charge of a small company of other demi humans including Sloan and Illiam.

The group was thought as being expendable and sent out on dangerous scouting missions. They proved to be very adept at searching the islands that were the main point of contention during the war. Much of it was due to Dragor’s brilliant tactics and ability to use each team members strengths to their greatest potential.

He used Illiam, Sloan and Jeeves (a halfling) as the forward scouts and then used himself, a pair of twin half-orcs (Korgen and Keris) and the most unlikely member of their group, Thok (an ogre), to hammer the enemy once found.

During the last mission the group was together no one is quite sure what happened but Illiam and Sloan returned with no one else.

Dragor is ruthless against his enemies and fiercely loyal to his allies. He respects honor above all else.


Dragor Giantslayer

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