Illiam Irongut

"Guns for everyone, as long as they got the gold..."


An older dwarf grizzled from several wars.

Illiam is a gunsmith by trade but has been to war several times bringing his knowledge and expertise about firearms to help his adopted homeland.

Illiam met Sloan during the last war when the two were sent on a scouting mission on one of the barrier islands. They spent several days surveying the island and fought with rival forces in a few skirmishes. After this time Illiam lost his left eye and Sloan swore to repay Illiam for all of his help. Illiam responded by giving Sloan his first gun.

Since the last war Illiam has settled in Bosum Strand plying his trade to sailors and nobles alike . He has become quite popular as more people move towards guns and away from other forms of protection.


Illiam Irongut

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