Recap of session 11/6
The investigation closes.

Last time, the group finally answered all of the questions regarding Nilasa’s death. She managed to sneak in using illegal goods purchased from Waryeye’s Apothacary. She was there to steal Danor secrets, focusing on those involving factories. She was motivated to do this by Gale herself, due to her hearing contruction and factory noises in the Bleak Gate. Answering all of these questions however, turned up many new ones.

It seems Nilasa was busy on more than one front for Gale. She was also organizing a shipment of wands to be delievered to Gale and a new faction, the mysterious Family. The party was able to stop and break up the group, and recovered the wands. This sparked a visit from the Family leader, Morgan Cippiano who wants to befriend the group for the greater good of Flint, assuming the party helps them from time to time. As a show of good will, they offered any assistance to the group (Granting a ranking of 2 with the Family) and will use their connections to help catch Albert Eccelson, the carriage driver that has been delievering messages to the lizardman arsons, but staying elusive.

The group also recovered the documents from Wolfgang a few days earlier, and found out much disturbing information. The RHC accountants are hard at work tracking down the money exchanges and purchases of the burned down factories, and are growing closer to the answers every day.

All of that will have to be placed on hold, as Nevard will be speaking today, promising to reveal a truth that is needed to be heard. Delft, your boss wishes for you to go to the event to help provide some protection, as the regular police grows ever more at odds with the Dockers.

Huge Recap! (11/5/2015)
Book 1 and Progress in Book 2

It’s been a moment since we’ve played so for those who may not remember, I’m going to throw a huge recap up to catch back up. There will be a TLDR at the end to summarize the info gained from each chapter.

Book One

- Group is part of the highly rated Royal Homeland Constabulary, similar to how the FBI runs in the US. Your division is focused in Flint, the main industry city of Risur. Your first important task was to safe guard the christening of the Coal Tongue, a mix of tech and magic used to help keep Risur safe from threats of attack. It is also the first ship that was jointly built by Danor, who is hated by Risur, and your people in the first step towards cooperating and peace.

- After guarding against disgruntled dockers, ship launched and the King himself threw a party on the ship to make a speech. Before the speech, his sister tried to sabatoge the ship, setting it to detonate and kill everyone on it in an effort to have Danor blamed and for peace to never happen. The party was able to stop it and even saved the ship, even though it has to undergo extensive repairs. The King’s speech went off and he spoke of peace with Danor once and for all. One year there will be a peace conference and there they will forge an basic, but starting truce.

- A week later, the dutchess attacked and seized an island from Danor (Axis Island). Lya Jierre, a very high ranking Danor representative and neice of the soverign of Danor, offered to allow Risur to take care of their own and return the island before the people of Danor claim war for it. Your team was to be the backup to a more skilled RHC team to sneak in and let the main force in. They did not make it, due to some sort of world shifting and abnomalities that happen on the island. The Danor people on the island seem to be used to the shifts, but are still unnerved. Also a golem that was guarding the island seemed to be powered by a strange black fluid with white motes inside it.

- When the group succeeded in letting the main force in, a new foe appeared. He seemed to be going after the dutchess as well, but attacked any side that was in his way. The party managed to take him down before he took the dutchess, or her unlikely ally with him, and then made sure he was dead by breaking his neck. When looking around, they found that there was much studying on a far star that was blue, the same color of the sun they saw when the world shifted. Nathan was returned to his cousin, Lya and is staying in Flint for safety. The group correctly guessed that at the peace summit a year from now, Lya will be engaged to the King.

Book Two

- The group helped track a trail of a vicious serial killer the Ragman with Team Six, the other adventurer group of the RHC. They found that whoever this Ragman is, he was active in the forth Yerasol War and for some reason still kills today. They found that he often operates and retreats to the Nettles, a hilly forested area of Flint that many bandits hide in. After a fight between Kell’s gang and the Cloudwood Brigands, the group was no closer to finding his identity. Team Six continued on the case for a short time more before they had to put it on hold for another assignment.

- A few months later after some small cases the group gets a lead of a dead woman, stealing from the Danor consolate, but somehow dying forty feet from the window she jumped from. The security chief LeBrix seemed questionable from the start and his story did not hold up very well. He seemed very troubled. Three main questions were asked, how did she get access to the items she used to break into the consolate, what did she take, and why did she take it?

- The start of the investigation launched after the party found that someone took her necklace and everything she was carrying and ran off. The group found out that the man was named Wolfgang von Recklinghausen. They got this information from the people at the consolate and from a unforgetful coach driver named Jack Byron. This lead the party onto two separate leads, both friends of Wolfgang. Dr. Barnaby Camp, who did not have much information, and a Lynn Kindleton who also turned up blank, but seemed to be much more nervous. Both also reported an officer Porter already asking them questions, a blonde fit man with a mustache. After some research, it was found that officer Porter was not a police officer.

- Next the group investigated where she lived to see if they could find a motive. They traveled to her place of resident, which was also where she worked, Sechim’s Alkahest & Etchings. The group noticed it was the only factory without locks on it keeping the workers in. They also noticed the hired muscle keeping the protesters out were off duty police officers. After breaking into a factory and trying to free the workers, none would leave. They feared being the first one and although they hated working overtime would be afraid that they would be blacklisted if they left. The owner of Sechim’s Alkahest & Etchings was a man by the name of Heward Sechim, seemingly nice and honest owner who works in making acids. He felt that he was to blame for steering Nilasa towards Gale the terrorist and hoped his uncle could set up a meeting and find a peaceful coexsistance between pro tech and anti tech people.

- The group met with his uncle, the most famous skyseer in all of Flint, Nevard Sechim. He agreed to set up a meeting with Gale, if they helped him to the highest point in Flint for a night. That point was Cauldron Hill, a place filled with the horrible past of Flint as it was the grounds where a trio of witches ruled this area so long ago. They have since been defeated, but the souls and spirits of the people they destroyed linger there still today. Part of the group decided to do some advanced scouting, dodging all the security designed to prevent trespassers and by some unseen miracle made it back to tell the tale, but heavily possessed by the spirits.

- Then the other half of the group came to ask permission from the Mayor of the Nettles Reed Macbannin and while waiting, was engaged in a discussion about the future of the poor with a courier simply named Doro. When they finally met the Mayor, he seemed stern and glum, but after explaining their ideas he flipped to excited and happy and stayed that way ever since. The party specifically avoided telling him about their previous excursion up the mountain and he promtly gave them tips and gear to help against the ghosts that wander the mountain. The journey was harrowing as they found a vision of the factory of his nephew burning down in the morning, and Nilasa’s spirit coming to warn them of her killer coming. They were then ambushed by some sort of shadow man who lured all of the monsters that were being held at bay by the wards. It was then that all of the parties demons came to life from the previous night, nearly killing the group and Nevard. After the fight, they felt a colossal presence standing above them, but nothing was in sight. On the way down, they told the mayor what happened and he cleared them all of their curses.

- The team rushed to the nephews factory, just in time. A pair of lizardmen arsons with a team of four humans were about to burn it down. Using quick thinking they were able to prevent any damage from occuring. They interrogated the surviving brother and found that they were being paid by someone from the Nettles, using a carriage driver named Albert Eccleston, who Jack Byron knew but did not know his patterns. They also found that the arsons were paid to burn down LeBrix’s home with him inside, but then the order was changed later.

- At this point, the party got a lead on Wolfgang, and found that he was sending notes to Lynn Kindleton and eventually one to Dr. Camp. He mentioned that he was in protective custody of the Kell gang and needed some help with money or papers to get out of town and to the country of Ber. He also mentioned that he was being followed. When confronted, Lynn wanted to see him for herself to ensure that he was safe. The team followed her and found that she was kidnapped by the Kell Gang. After grouping up, the team went after the Kell gang to rescue her and Wolfgang. After falling for the trap Kell set up, they were lead to Theater of Scoundrels, Lorcan Kells’ main hideout. He showed them no manners and did not take the parties weapons while speaking to them by himself. He mentioned that he had the doctor and for a thousand gold, would release him, his friend, and the entertainment he was watching while the negotiations were going. Lorcan took great pleasure in making the team feel powerless. The team agreed and paid him.

- They went to the church where the doctor was being held. He was by himself and explained what happened. He showed that Nilasa stole a large amount of documents pointing towards many Danor factories being burned down and new owners buying the ruined factories. Also that other Danor factories had reports of inventory missing. LeBrix was investigating all of this when he was told to back off. He even noticed that many of the factories had vials of black liquid with white motes in it also hidden in the factory walls. Wolfgang explained that the substance was Witch Oil, a liquid that traps the souls of those who die near it and uses them as a great energy source. It was used often in Danor and Ber to avoid the dead and wild magic zones by those who have no morals. That is when the shadow man appeared and tried to kidnap Wolfgang. After failing, the group found the front bolted by metal bars and a single man sitting outside, Leone Quital acting high and mighty, with a twisted sense of honor. He spoke with the man who looked like Officer Porter and told him, “Tell your boss we have it under control.” This man could also manipulate metal, as he had a floating metal tray and stopped any bullets coming towards him. The group escaped before he could demand much more.

- After escaping, the group was contacted by Gale. She agreed to meet them at a location of her choosing. The group followed the canary as it lead them to a waterfall in Cloudwood. She told the party that she has traveled to the Bleak, the plane of shadows and undead, and found that something is being built there. She does not know what or how, but that is why she was using Nilasa. The group asked if she was the one who supplied Nilasa with the illegal goods to sneak into the consulate, and she said she was not. She also gave the group a feather that will allow them to speak to each other once a day, as well as a ritual that would allow the group to sense extra planar energy, such as from the bleak gate. She also mentioned that Nevard was going to have a speech for everyone in the city based on what he saw on the mountain.

- The team also spoke with LeBrix once again, showing him the documents about his home being targeted by arsonist. He confirmed the story and his investigation into the witchoil and missing goods from the factories. He also mentioned that there was someone speaking to the ambassador in the basement while his office was being broken into. A blonde middle aged fit man, no mustache. He was the one who found and attacked Nilasa and him and the ambassador covered it up. The group then got him drunk and arrested LeBrix since he was off of the grounds of the consulate. Their boss Delft, quickly freed LeBrix, for the good of the peace summit.

Main Notes from Book One

- Dockers and local police do not get along. Tensions have been rising for some time.
- Risur and Danor have been rivals for many decades, and are now seeking peace.
- The dutchess was part of the unseen court, and has been cast out.
- There will be a peace summit one year from now in Flint, and the King and Lya will be engaged to help seal the agreement.

Main Notes from Book Two

- How did Nilasa gain access to the Fey Pepper and Invisibly Potion? : Still unknown, Gale denied supplying it.
- Why did Nilasa sneak into the consulate? : To find out what hand they have in the going ons in the Bleak Gate.
- What did Wolfgang take from Nilasa? : She found a large amount of information linking the arson and missing goods from Danor factories all from the same source. She told him to get it to Gale, since she knew she was dying.
Witch Oil was found at the factories. A liquid used for power, that gains it’s energy from the souls of those who die near it.
Dockers are in heavy protest against factory and working conditions
Nevard, the famous Skyseer is having a speech on day 7 of the investigation
It is now afternoon on day 4 of the investigation

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