Prestige Points Homework

Posting each week as done before is a perfect way to gain prestidge points, but it looks like the campaign wants me to assign a couple pieces of homework for the players to help round out the world and provide a more lasting experience for you all.

As I read through the campaign books, I’ll post what they would like to have from you, as well as some ideas for those weeks where you may not have a clue on what to write about.

You can not gain more than the maximum amount of points. (One per week) However, if life makes you fall behind, you can post mutliple times to catch up and also pre post if you are having an exceptionally inspirational moment and would just be free for the weeks to come.

Ideas for posts

  • How did you come into your background?
  • How did you come from your background into working with the Royal Homeland Constabulary? (RHC)
  • Make up a contact in the city that you know, how did you meet? What do they help you with? Be sure to include which district they are in, as they can help you with your investigation or keep you updated on events.
  • Make up another contact that may not actually be useful, but someone who helped shape your life. They don’t have to be in the city, but could be somewhere else in the world in your past.

Prestige Points Homework

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