Astrid's Journal - Yerasol Veteran

New Years Eve, 492 A.O.V. – Privateer Ship “Talon”

Counting today, it’s been two years and 38 days since I set foot on the Avery Coast. This is not how I intended to go home. All those years spent on the Southern shore, playing in the trees and swimming on the water. …Clearly I’ve been away too long, calling it the “Southern” shore.

We’re sailing into Shale this morning under the cover of the fog to disable that monstrous ship they are building – the Impossible. Seems like an impossible task alright, but that’s the job. The boss says this one’s a piece of cake. Everyone’s supposed to be at some bash the Duchess is throwing and the docks should be empty. We just sneak in, set the package, and sneak out. I just hope ol’horny’s good for his word, and this banger is the last.

4 Spring, 493 A.O.V. – Shale Harbor

That devil’d bastard lied! The harbor was where the party took place! All those people… and then the attack started immediately… staging point for his assault on Shale… So many ships, so much blood…

4 days in, so many dead… Duchess Ethelyn seems to have managed to stall us… them?… for now, but the assault continues.

I didn’t sign up for this, I just wanted to see the world. What have I done?

I need to help my people!

17 Spring, 493 A.O.V. – Shale Hospital

Head is still really foggy, and I don’t remember much about the rest of the assault. I only woke up yesterday.… Still recovering… At least I’m alive… Shale is still standing, and the Danor were repelled. The Talon is destroyed, and all her crew gone.

I’ve been told that one of the search party found me in the wreckage of a training barracks by the harbor, hands ruined from digging out survivors. One of the young Risuri recruits brings me flowers each day, his arm lost from a terrorist explosion… The doctor here remembers me as a girl from up the coast. Said something about my hair reminding him of better times…

Poor fools. None of them recognize me from the battle, or what I did…

My war is just beginning…


Astrid's Journal - Yerasol Veteran

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