Purchasable Magic Items

Since you are with the RHC there are many items normally not available to the public that you are able to purchase and use without issues. As far as most spells and effects go, commonsense dictates their legality, such as knowing a spell is legal, using it to harm others is illegal.

There are only two main spells that are illegal to the common people in Risur no matter the use:

  • Charms and dominate type spells in any fashion.
  • Invisibility for more than a few seconds. (One round)

Things that are purchasable in the world:

Item Rarity Cost Notes
Old Pistol Public 50 Gold 30/120; D8+Dex; Loud
Refined Pistol Public 250 Gold 40/160; D10+Dex; Loud
Danor Pistol Public 750 Gold 40/160; D8+Dex; Loud; Fast Reload
Hunting Rifle Public 500 Gold 100/400; D12+Dex; 2 Hand; Loud
Danor Rifle Public 1500 Gold 100/400; D12+Dex; 2 Hand; Loud; Fast Reload
Shotgun Public 500 Gold 30/60 or 15 Ft Cone; D12+Dex; Loud
Explosives Keg Licenced 250 Gold 7D6 10ft Radius + Colateral Damage
Potion of Healing Public 50 Gold 2D4 + 2
Potion of Greater Healing Public 300 Gold 4D4 + 4
Potion of Climbing Public 100 Gold Climb Speed = Move Speed 1 Hour
Potion of Waterbreathing Public 300 Gold Breathe / Speak Underwater 1 Hour
Potion of Resistance Public 300 Gold Pick element at purchase 1 Hour Resist
Wand of Magic Detection Public 500 Gold 3 Charges; Detect Magic; D3 Recharge; No Attunment
Wand of Curing Public 750 Gold 3 Charges; Heal Wounds; D3 Recharge; Party Attunment
Talking Stones Public 500 Gold Message Spell at Will; Party Attunment for all Stones
Spell Scroll Lvl 1 Public 50 Gold Usable via normal scroll rules
Spell Scroll Lvl 2 Public 300 Gold Usable via normal scroll rules
Spell Scroll Lvl 3 Public 750 Gold Usable via normal scroll rules
Easy Scroll Lvl 1 Public 100 Gold Usable by any class
Easy Scroll Lvl 2 Licenced 600 Gold Usable by any class
Cloak of Elven Kind Licenced 3000 Gold Attunment
Cloak of Protection +1 Public 2000 Gold Attunment
Slippers of Spider Climbing Licenced 3000 Gold Attunment
Stone of Good Luck Public 2000 Gold Attunment
+1 Weapon Public 2000+Weapon Cost in Gold No Attunment Required
+1 Shield Public 2000+Shield Cost in Gold No Attunment Required
19 Stat Item (All but Con) Public 4000 Gold Attunment

More will be added later, most uncommon items will be for sale and will usually start at a price of 2000 gold. Those items while not illegal, are very rare to find/buy if you are not working with the RHC. Ask if interested in a particular item.

If you are proficient with crossbows, you are proficient with the equivilent gun. Pistols for Hand, Rifle and shotgun are heavy crossbow.

Party attunement functions like personal attunement, but allows a bonus 3 items over what you could normally attune and can be used by the entire party.

Purchasable Magic Items

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