Round Two

The twins exchanged a look and began to circle the ring in opposite directions. Illiam calmly pulled out a folding stool and sat down.

“Surely you can see I am too old for all of this nonsense,” the old dwarf barked out. “One of you come over here and finish this so I can take a breather.” The twins halted for a moment neither one wanting to be the first to approach.

Gerda spoke a word and her hunting cat sprang at the dwarf while she turned on Freyr pulled two short swords and charged at him. She cut him a couple of times before he even knew she was attacking. He roared in pain and managed to throw her off, as he looked at his wounds his form changed into that of a large bear.

There was a shot and hiss of pain from the other side of the ring as Illiam shot the cat and it slinked off away from the dwarf.

Gerda let out a string of orcish curses and spun around cutting the bear in several places. Freyr swatted her aside with one of his paws. He reared up and looked ready to finish his sister when two shots rang out in quick succesion and the bear cried out as he changed back into Freyr. Gerda leaped up and hit Freyr over the head with pommel of her sword and he fell unconscious to the ground.

Illiam met Gerda’s gaze and spoke in a calm voice, “Lass, you looked a bit beat up and your kitty didn’t even make it to me. I can shoot you where we stand but I don’t see it serves a purpose. You’ve lost, and I don’t want to hurt you too bad.” He pulled a shield and pistol out as he spoke.

Gerda looked down at her brother and then back at the dwarf. She grabbed her brothers arm and drug him to the edge of the ring pushing him out, then she stepped across the ring.

“Match over,” bellowed Dragor. “Well fought all of you, Ulan can you help Gerda take her brother to the medic? Illiam and Felix, you will be in the final bought. I expect you two to go see the medic and get prepared you the fight will begin in one hour.”

Round Two

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