Round One

Felix was the first in motion and cast a spell, “If it is agreeable Sloan let us take out Ulan and then we can decide the contest between ourselves.”

Sloan grinned, " Sounds good to me’", he fired an arrow at the ogre hitting him in the leg.

“Ow, no fair teaming up and shooting me!” Shouted Ulan. He charged towards Felix, “This what you get for cheating!” But as he brought his hammer down he stopped at the last second and looked confused. “More cheating! How can I win if I can’t hit you!”

“Enemies won’t fight fair either Ulan, you have to learn to adapt!” Dragor said from the sidelines.

Felix grinned as he calmly walked away from Ulan, and another arrow hit him in the same leg.

Ulan roared with anger and charged Sloan slamming his maul into the elf, nearly knocking him to the ground. Felix quickly spoke a word and Sloan stood drew his rapier and stabbed Ulan. Roaring in pain Ulan fell to one knee and swung at Sloan but missed. Felix fired a spell at Ulan and the ogre dropped to the ground unconscious. Sloan looked at the downed opponent, dropped his rapier and fired an arrow at Felix. It looked as though the halfling had been hit so hard in the shoulder he spun around but as he turned he hurled the arrow back at Sloan. Looking down at his own arrow Sloan never saw Felix do a flying kick that knocked Sloan outside of the ring.

“Fight over!”, bellowed Dragor, “Winner, Felix”

Felix bowed to Dragor and again to Sloan and cast a healing spell to get Ulan back up. Dragor and Sloan helped the ogre up and out of the ring. Dragor called for a medic to care for the large combatant.

“Alright group two, gather your belongings and meet back here shortly.” Dragor stood over the three competitors. “Excellent, all three of you. Different circumstances could have produced different outcomes but I got to see each of you in action.”

“Felix, I hope you didn’t use all of your spells, you will be facing the winner of the next match in the final round. Let me tell you a little about the three about to fight. Illiam, the dwarf is a veteran of several wars and has a mastery of guns rarely seen outside of Danor. Gerda and Freyr, the twins are a bit young but they are both highly regarded as trappers in the outer regions. They know many of the islands and have some knowledge of sailing.”

The twins and Illiam made thier way back to the ring. Illiam was wearing studded leather and had a rapier pistol and rifle on him. While Gerda had a hunting cat with her and was wearing a breastplate, Freyr wore Hide and had a club.

“Step into the ring and get started we don’t have all day!” ordered Dragor.

Round One

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