Saving Private Burton

I volunteered to take Burton back to the Impossible while the rest of the squad moved forward. I told them I would catch up when I could.

I fashioned Burton a crutch and splinted his leg so he could move. We took a slightly different path back to the Impossible so that our tracks didn’t lead anyone to the cave, in case the rest of the squad had to make a quick getaway. As we moved through some underbrush I heard voices and held up my hand. Burton stopped moving and we waited, the voices continued and had not seemed to notice us. I motioned for Burton to stay put and headed to see what was going on.

I saw four guards playing dice against a broken overturned table, they seemed to be guarding a wooden cage full of prisoners. They weren’t very attentive and I decided to have a closer look. I moved around the back of the cage and saw six prisoners, they all looked to be in pretty good shape. They could probably take the guards if they had weapons and armor, and not stuck in a cage. I moved all the way up to the back of the cage and quietly got the prisoners’ attention. I passed them some of my extra weapons and told them I would get them out momentarily.

After the prisoners were prepared I cast a quick spell and moved to the front of the cage where I had noticed the keys were on top of the wagon.

“Greetings friends”, I said with a smile on my face. All of the guards jumped to their feet and grabbed for their weapons.

“You can keep playing your game, I am only interested in your prisoners. If you let us walk away you can live another day.”

The largest of the guards let out a battle cry and ran forward to attack. As he neared I hoped my spell would work on him, at least long enough for me to get the keys. He lunged forward with his spear but at the last second he seemed to stop. The others looked around nervously.

“What happened Giggsey?”, one of them called out.

“I, I don’t know. I want to attack him but I can’t.” The large guard called out.

As they looked at each other in confusion I dashed over and grabbed the keys off of the cart and threw them to the prisoners.

The prisoners rushed out with their weapons and we subdued the guards. We tied them up and took them with us towards the Impossible. When we reached the shore I signaled the Impossible to send a jolly boat to pick everyone up.

The prisoners thanked me for the aid and I told them and Burton to get some rest. I moved back inland to find out the fate of the rest of my squad…

Saving Private Burton

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