The Unlikely Seven

“Alright soldiers, stand at attention.” the large minotaur strode out of the commander’s tent smoking a large cigar. “You may think you’re here because you are good at what you do, but you are wrong. You are here because the higher ups think you are expendable. You don’t fit the mold of a typical Risuran soldier.”

He stopped in front of the dwarf. “They may think you too old, or too small.” He said moving in front of the halfling. “Maybe your like me and they think you are just foreign scum,” he looked up at the ogre. “Or have a bad attitude”, he looked down at the elf. “Or maybe you are too young and don’t have the right parentage,” he looked at the two half-orcs at the end of the line. One male and one female, but both large and would be intimidating if they weren’t giggling between themselves.

“What I am going to say is that it doesn’t matter to me what the higher ups think. I get paid to make sure I get the best out of each of you, so that is what I am going to do. Our job is to scout out which islands have been taken and also which ones are ripe for taking or taking back. We will be using different ships to try and keep our movements from being monitored. You are not to speak of what we are going to be doing or where we are going to anyone. Where we will be going will be the most dangerous areas, there won’t be any backup and no one will care if we get taken. So look at each other,” they all looked at each around at each other, “these are your new best friends. You will watch their backs and they will watch yours.”

“Now, I have been briefed on what command thinks are your strengths and weaknesses, but I want to see for myself. So gear up and show me what you can do.”

The Unlikely Seven

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