Training Day

“Alright, my name is Dragor, I am your new commander. Now we don’t have a long to train or for me to understand your abilities, so I am going to randomly split you into two groups. " The large minotaur pulled out straws of two different lengths. “Now everyone come forward and pull a straw.”

He walked down the row where each of them stepped up and pulled a straw. The last two going to the half-orc twins. They both had longer straws and broke into grins and highfived each other.

“So split into your two groups” Dragor waited for them to collect into their two groups. The twins were with the dwarf, and the ogre, halfling and elf were standing together. Dragor broke out into a grin, “this should be interesting. Now, first up will be Sloan, Ulan, and Felix. You three will get your gear and enter the ring over there. When I yell go you will fight until there is a clear victor. Only a couple of rules, stay in the ring and don’t kill or injure anyone too bad. I do not have replacements for you guys and we need everyone able to fight.”

While, those three went to gather their gear, Dragor spoke with the other three. “I want you to observe each combatant in the ring and see what you think their strengths and weaknesses are. I am going to have the two winners face off.” The dwarf pulled over a stool and slowly sat down while the twins whispered back and forth. “I will tell you a little about each of them, Sloan, the elf, was a home guard in Elfaivar. He has probably received the most proper training as a soldier. Ulan, the ogre is from Ber, he has little formal training but obviously has size and strength. Felix, has traveled all over the world and seems to have picked up several tricks along the way. He isn’t very big but from all accounts can handle his own in a fight.”

The three combatants arrived back in full gear. Sloan was wearing studded leather armor with a bow in hand a rapier at his hip and a shield slung across his back. Felix had a staff and nothing else. While Ulan took the longest but arrived back in full plate with a maul.

“Alright, everyone step into the ring, now begin!”

Training Day

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